Love Is Much Sweeter the Second Time Around



It seems like most wedding etiquette is geared towards first time brides, but there are many couples getting re-married who also would like to have special and memorable weddings. For second weddings, many of the elements are the same but with a subtle twist. The particulars of blended families need to be considered, and the age of the bride and groom can be a factor as well.


It is always big news when the president's daughter gets married. Because Jenna Bush wanted a low-key wedding, she decided to have her May 10th ceremony in Texas instead of Washington. That means that the last child of a sitting president to actually be married at the White House was Tricia Nixon in 1971.


If you are looking for a way to make your wedding unique, try giving your guests personalized mint tin wedding favors. Chances are that no one else in your circle of friends have done this so it's a great way to stand out! Best of all, the tins are reusable and completely personalized to what you want!